What Is Access Control and Event Areas?

Sharing how to utilize Access Control for your events with CrowdPass Event Areas.

Access Control implements measures to ensure only authorized attendees can access event areas while maintaining security and facilitating a smooth flow of attendees.

With CrowdPass Event Areas, you can easily manage who has access to different areas in your event and track attendees' movements during events. 

Benefits of access control in events: 

  1. Enhanced Security
  2. Efficient Check In
  3. Attendee Data and Analytics
  4. Cashless Payments with NFC Technology
  5. Branding Opportunities with Event Sponsors

How to implement it:

  1. In your CrowdPass Event, create Event Areas-- learn how here.
  2. At the event, connect NFC-enabled wearables to an attendee- learn how here
  3. Use the CrowdPass Event Organizer app to scan NFC-wearables or badges, allowing entry to authorized attendees. 


Access Control is not only beneficial for security and crowd management, but it also provides valuable attendance and check-in time data. When planning events, consider utilizing CrowdPass for Access Control.

If you have any questions, please reach out to support@crowdpass.co