How to Share Your Event Link and QR Code with Attendees

This article teaches you how to share a URL and QR Code with attendees to register for your event.

To share a unique link:
1. Look at the top left-hand corner of the event. Click on the two squares and that will copy the event URL to your clipboard. 
If you click on the name of your event in that grey box, it will open up the event registration page that your attendees will see. 
A second way to find the event's URL and how to find the QR Code for your event.
1. Go into the event and click the + sign next to attendees in the top left 
2. At the bottom of that page, you will see "Group URL" with a link below. 
That link is the URL you can share with attendees. 
To save the QR Code for your event, drag and drop it onto your desktop and save it however, you'd like. When the QR Code is scanned, it will open the event registration page. 
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