What are Attendee Credits?

This article shares what attendee credits are and how to add credits to your CrowdPass account

Every time an attendee submits health screening documents for your event, it uses an Attendee Credit. The credits are for CrowdPass to provide 24/7 support staff for your events. They enable us to review your attendees' health screening submissions quickly and provide efficient and effective customer support to attendees. 


When you sign up to use CrowdPass as your Event Management tool, your CrowdPass Sales Representative will advise the best number of credits to start based on your events and the number of attendees. 


Once our Customer Success team onboards you, you can ask your Customer Success representative to purchase more credits for your events. When we add credits, we add them to your account. That way, credits are used for any event under your account. 


If you are a customer looking to purchase attendee credits, please contact support@crowdpass.co.

If you are interested in CrowdPass as your Event Management tool, please fill out this form here